Wednesday, August 15, 2012

A Toddles Travels - The Story

"A Toddles Travels"  (Part 1)

It was a cool crisp evening when Gracie met up with Josey. Both girls were excited but nervous about the new adventures that awaited them. They traveled threw the forest looking for excitement and mystery only to find bees and worms. Sudden Gracie stops in her tracks and Josey is flying threw the air shocked by her friends sudden stop. Looking up at Gracie from the forest floor she opens her mouth to speak.

"What was that for?" Josey asks
"Look a hot air balloon!" Gracie yells out as she points to the sky.
"Wow! We should ride it." Josey responds with excitement.
"Yah! But to where?"
"Who knows. We are on an adventure!" Josey yells as she climbs aboard.

Gracie follows suit and climbs aboard the hot air balloon. Once they are aboard they start to look around and find nothing of importance except some random clothes and books. Gracie bends over looking around on the outside for a way to get the balloon in the air when suddenly Josey pulls on a string. They start to rise farther and farther in the sky both girls still giggling with excitement when it hit Josey.

"We didn't say goodbye!" Josey begins to mutter
Gracie looks at her and whispers "Goodbye"
"No, Gracie! I mean I didn't say goodbye to mommy and sissy." Josey softly responds
"We can send them a postcard from wherever we are going. You said it is an adventure so make it one!" Gracie says with pure excitement in her voice.
"I know, but what if..." Josey responds quietly trying to control her emotions
"What if what?"
"What if they think I ran away to join the circus. You know I have been saying I would for a long time Gracie."
Gracie tries to control her fit of giggles but when she opens her mouth to speak nothing comes out but laughter.
"I am serious Gracie! Stop laughing at me!"
"I am not laughing at you. Here I got an idea!" Gracie says with enthusiasm.

Gracie quickly pulls out a piece of paper and a tiny crayon from her pocket and writes both their names down along with "Went on the Adventure of our lives. Will be back before story time". She reaches over and grabs one of the books they found in the balloon. Stuffing the paper in it she turns to Josey.

"They will find the book and inside the book the note." Gracie nods at Josey and then down at the book.
"Smart thinking Gracie! Now they won't think I went to live with the clowns!" Josey smiles as she grabs the book and softly throws it out of the balloon. Both girls watch the book fall the short distance and begin to smile once more.

"Lets go on our adventure now Gracie!"
"Right on Matey!" Gracie says in her best pirate voice.
"Oh, Gracie. We aren't on a ship!" Josey says threw her fits of loud giggles.
"We are on a Pirate Balloon!" Gracie yells as she raises her hand in the air to mimic a salute.
"Sail straight ahead!" Josey yells

Please stay tuned the story has just begun!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

It's a Mustache kind of day...

Hello people of the web nice to see you again!

  Ever have one of those brilliant ideas that must be caught on film? Ya, neither have I but I know people who have! That counts right?

  A few weeks ago my mommy bought all of us mustaches for a family picture (Evies idea). Yes, you read that right now keep reading. We never got around to the picture until today and I must say the idea is entertaining. A three year old in a mustache... how cute....

The picture gave me a funny idea to find a mustache song. The search for it was rather quick, you would be shocked at how many there are! I decided on the one you are currently hearing simply because I couldn't decide between this or Peter Griffins song.  Both seemed like a smart choice so I figured I couldn't go wrong!

Embrace the Stash!

  Josey Mae Sapphire

Welcome to The Pink Diary

Hello everyone,

  I will be the guide on your journey into The Pink Diary. My name is Josey Mae Sapphire and I live in a world called Second Life. I am the youngest daughter of Kendal Sapphire and the baby sister to Evie Paige Sapphire.

  The Pink Diary will bring you Fashion, Stories, and life. I will try to post a couple times a week but we know sometimes RL gets heavy so how often a post will be done is up for debate still.

  For those that don't know me I am a 3 year old toddle in SL. I love the color pink and I love to make up stories to get Evie in trouble. If you are a grammar Nazi now is your chance to turn away. I am great at writing (stories) but I am horrible at grammar. You have been warned.

Stay tuned to The Pink Diary. It will be interesting.

   Josey Mae